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alert!!! alert!!! please read!!! urgent!!!
fictionkin are really cool, cute, and deserve to be treated well.


Hello! This is a newly made blog for fictionkin to find others from their canons. Help us get this blog off the ground by sending in a form, but please be sure to read our small list of rules before you do! We’re also open and looking for a few more mods, especially those who have previous experience on a blog like this. If you’re interested in modding, please contact transgirlhide.

Spacekin Post


things for spacekin individuals


  • you’ve probably already thought of stargazing but i’m putting it on here for the sake of completion. just remember to be safe when going out in the dark.
  • making paper stars is easy and can be calming if you’re stressed out, plus…


u can never have too many kintypes

if anyone tells u u have too many kintypes jst walk away from them bc u are better than them and every1 knows it 


is there such a thing as magical girl-kin or smth along those lines

yey questioning myself again!!! in increasingly ridiculous ways!!!!!

UnknownTHIS IS HALLOWEEN (like youve never heard)
so i guess i might as well do this for my first post haha ;;

alrighty!! hello!!! my name is major. i am royalk.n, ghoulk.n, and also i think i might be fictionkin but i dont know who for??? halp

but yeah im a total nerd weeb thing and am also bigendered (they/them is preferred but i honestly could not care less what pronouns are used uvu)

i like alot a stuff (most of its p cheesy tho tbh) and i should really go to sleep now bc i have school in the morning and its like 1:17 am but im a rebel so idgaf

also i saw alot a people puttin their disorder things on their intro so i guess i will too?? the only thing with me so far is that i really really think that i might have ocd (im gettin checked for it once my mom gets the money so holla look out fo that) and also i have rlly bad social anxiety heheh

so yeah i think thats it??? helo frans 4 it is i